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Linux Kernel Upgrade (with skas3 patch)

Sun, 2008 Jan 13, 02:45:

So recently I installed a new SATA dvd burner in my workstation (as both previous optical drives died)

Unfortunately 2.6.18 (my previous kernel) did not support SATA optical drives, so it was time to upgrade. The only unfortunate part is I use UML to allow some tasks to be sandboxed, and to run these with any efficiency I require the skas3 patch. However the newest official patch is for 2.6.20.

However I did eventually seem to have find everything needed thus now both skas3-v8.2 and my SATA drive are both running on a kernel.

To help others out here is what I found/created:
My patch for skas3-v8.2 for linux
Please see the notes for more details.
Note as this is just a update to the original v8.2 patch this only supports 32bit x86 systems.
If you require AMD-64 support please see this thread for more information.
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Terrence Ezrol
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