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Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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Here is a sketch I made of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

The drawing was a welcome back present/birthday present for Q. I think it should be better, unfortunately the paper used doesn't work well with pencil. That and I worked on it late at night, though I did touch it up the next morning.

Boy in math notes

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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Another random sketch I made in my math class (same class as I made this)

RecipeWare Chef

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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This is a small sketch of a chef. I made it for a RecipeWare web app that we are making in my Software engineering class. I think the drawing came out quite well. That and I think the web app will be crap.. even if we make the thing the best it can be. (Just an opinion though)

Math Notes

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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Just some random sketch, not really anyone. Was trying to get the clothing to look decently realistic, and not like makeup. I must say I like the clothing, the face is good but not in proportion, and the hand needs work.

This was done in my boredom during a math class

Boy (1)

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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So I've decided to makes some simple sketches on index cards, perhaps use them for future drawings. And at least improve my drawing skills. Here is the first of these Index Card sketches.

Boy (2)

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
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Another sketch on an index card, this time of a cute boy sitting.


Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:21:
Colored pencil on paper

Legith is an idea from a game I was planning out, despite the idea falling through here is the image of a character. He is a Thiix (an alien race of humanoids that are very elf like). I will hopefully eventually pick up the project again.

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