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Best Viewed Without IE

Mon, 2004 Feb 16, 16:09:
Best Viewed Without IE

And now I have a "Best Viewed without IE" icon. The reason for this is the very buggy support for CSS in IE5, and IE6. Almost all of the formating on this page requires on CSS. Anyone wanting to use the icon on there page is welcome to but please mirror the image on your server, and don't link to my copy.

For those looking at this page in IE: I have made sure that the CSS in this page breaks nicely. This means that you are seeing all the content, and most of the formating. Thus while would look better in Mozilla. The site is fully usable in IE.

There are two major flaws in IE, the menu is against the content box (this is not the case in other browsers) and the signature box at the bottom dose not re-center when displaying my email address.

NOTE: Since the posting of this entry, I've reworked some of my CSS so it works in IE.

Re: Best Viewed Without IE

Rahul Sharma ()
wrote on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:43

IE Sucks !!

Re: Best Viewed Without IE

theboneofarocket ()
wrote on Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:27


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