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Killua and Gon kiss (1)

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 20:03:
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And a attempt of Killua and Gon kissing.

They look so cute! I wish Gon's head didn't come out squished though.

Characters from HunterXHunter

Sketch of Gon and Killua

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 19:34:
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Here is a sketch of the possible, cupel. Still trying to draw them correctly but beats my previous attempt.

They could make such a cute cupel. Unfortunately in reality the likelihood of them both being interested in each other beyond friendship is very slim.

Characters from HunterXHunter

Attempt at Killua and Gon

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 15:36:
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This is one of my first attempts at drawing Gon and Killua. This is of course a failed attempt, and it took me a few more tries to properly draw Gon. I do like how Killua looks in this sketch though.

These characters are from the anime series HunterXHunter

Escaflowne Dilandau and Folken

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 13:44:
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This an image of two characters from Escaflowne, Dilandau and Folken. I made this copy (of another piece of fan art) before actually watching the series. I like the image, but in reality don't really see the couple.

The original Image was by K-chan, and can be found at: http://www.zelas.net/darkroses/dilandau.html

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