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Math Notes

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 23:40:
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Just some random sketch, not really anyone. Was trying to get the clothing to look decently realistic, and not like makeup. I must say I like the clothing, the face is good but not in proportion, and the hand needs work.

This was done in my boredom during a math class

Boy in math notes

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 23:40:
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Another random sketch I made in my math class (same class as I made this)

This blog is now operational

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 17:25:
At last I think I've brought this blog into an operational state this allows for images and links to be along side the files, for me to make relative links and to hide certain directories containing irrelevant content from the main blog view.

rellink - v0.01

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 17:07:
First public release of the rellink plugin.
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