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Sun, 2004 Feb 29, 22:49:
Killua from HunterXHunter:

Killua Zaoldyeck another interesting character from HunterXHunter. Born into a family of assassins he has defiantly a different point of view on life. Though in the series he tries hard to be good and help his new friends. Generally he doesn't wear glasses, however in the scene where we see Killua entering a casino (to make some money fast... he is however unsuccessfully) he is wearing the yellow sunglasses as in my image.

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Sun, 2004 Feb 29, 22:29:
Leorio from HunterXHunter:

Leorio is one of the characters of the main group in Hunter X Hunter. He starts off seeming extremely selfish, and only wanting money. however as the series goes on we realize he is a decent human being. Despite this realization he is the flattest main character in the series.

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Sun, 2004 Feb 29, 22:03:
Hisoka from HunterXHunter:

Hisoka is probably one of the most interesting characters in the series. Calls himself a magician and dresses up like a clown as on the left, though for a couple of scenes in the anime he dose remove the makeup as on the right.

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Killua and Gon Kiss (2)

Sat, 2004 Feb 28, 22:14:
killgon-kiss2's Thumbnail
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Here is a colored version of Gon and Killua kissing:
Killua & Gon color
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I think this came out better than Killua and Gon kiss 1. However some of the details in the earlier attempt I think actual came out better.
Characters from HunterXHunter

Killua and Gon kiss (1)

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 20:03:
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And a attempt of Killua and Gon kissing.

They look so cute! I wish Gon's head didn't come out squished though.

Characters from HunterXHunter

Sketch of Gon and Killua

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 19:34:
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Here is a sketch of the possible, cupel. Still trying to draw them correctly but beats my previous attempt.

They could make such a cute cupel. Unfortunately in reality the likelihood of them both being interested in each other beyond friendship is very slim.

Characters from HunterXHunter

Attempt at Killua and Gon

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 15:36:
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This is one of my first attempts at drawing Gon and Killua. This is of course a failed attempt, and it took me a few more tries to properly draw Gon. I do like how Killua looks in this sketch though.

These characters are from the anime series HunterXHunter

Escaflowne Dilandau and Folken

Sat, 2004 Feb 21, 13:44:
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This an image of two characters from Escaflowne, Dilandau and Folken. I made this copy (of another piece of fan art) before actually watching the series. I like the image, but in reality don't really see the couple.

The original Image was by K-chan, and can be found at: http://www.zelas.net/darkroses/dilandau.html


Wed, 2004 Feb 18, 16:16:
This is a release of rssurl, this code should add a variable to link to the rss feed of the current blosxom page, I do not really support this plugin, just supply it in case others find it useful.


Best Viewed Without IE

Mon, 2004 Feb 16, 16:09:
Best Viewed Without IE

And now I have a "Best Viewed without IE" icon. The reason for this is the very buggy support for CSS in IE5, and IE6. Almost all of the formating on this page requires on CSS. Anyone wanting to use the icon on there page is welcome to but please mirror the image on your server, and don't link to my copy.

For those looking at this page in IE: I have made sure that the CSS in this page breaks nicely. This means that you are seeing all the content, and most of the formating. Thus while would look better in Mozilla. The site is fully usable in IE.

There are two major flaws in IE, the menu is against the content box (this is not the case in other browsers) and the signature box at the bottom dose not re-center when displaying my email address.

NOTE: Since the posting of this entry, I've reworked some of my CSS so it works in IE.

rellink :: Blosxom Plugin

Mon, 2004 Feb 16, 03:42:
This is a plugin for Blosxom that generates absolute links for relative, and special short cuts

This allows for:
"//" + blog path
"/" + site path
+ relitive to blog entry
also makes '&' to '&' and the ability for custom link types such as 'google' (built in).. this means:
will be a google search for Blosxom.

Current Code
version blog
File must be renamed to rellink
If you have any problems post a comment

rellink - v0.02

Mon, 2004 Feb 16, 03:41:
Fixed tad detection, for tags on multiple lines (problem found and fixed by lucky)

allows quotes in side url (allows for tags of the form: <a href='google:"Terrence Ezrol"'>)

devnull.name subdomains

Mon, 2004 Feb 16, 03:11:
I will be happy to give a subdomain of devnull.name to anyone that asks and ether (a) has a good enough reason (b) offers a large enough bribe, or (c) an acceptable combination of a and b. email me at terry@ezrol.com for more info

These are the current set of sub domains in use:
  • www - www.devnull.name and devnull.name point here

My Art

Sun, 2004 Feb 15, 01:49:
Here we can find some of my artwork, They are split into the following sections
  • Sketches - Random sketches (in notes or elsewhere) that I have made
  • Anime - sketches and images of anime characters
  • Yaoi - Yaoi and Shounen Ai works, sketches or otherwise. Please note these images might offend some people, if it offends you don't look.
If you want to see the full art blog (ie. all of my art) you can see it here. This includes all of the above categories.


Sun, 2004 Feb 15, 01:37:
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A sketch of Chrno from Chrno Crusade, Overall I think it came out very well. This is emphasized by the fact that this is the first time I've drawn this particular character.

Math Notes

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 23:40:
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Just some random sketch, not really anyone. Was trying to get the clothing to look decently realistic, and not like makeup. I must say I like the clothing, the face is good but not in proportion, and the hand needs work.

This was done in my boredom during a math class

Boy in math notes

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 23:40:
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Another random sketch I made in my math class (same class as I made this)

This blog is now operational

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 17:25:
At last I think I've brought this blog into an operational state this allows for images and links to be along side the files, for me to make relative links and to hide certain directories containing irrelevant content from the main blog view.

rellink - v0.01

Sat, 2004 Feb 14, 17:07:
First public release of the rellink plugin.

And I have another domain

Thu, 2004 Feb 12, 23:26:
As nice as it is to have a domain with my actual name, I wanted a website on a more interesting domain.. As the title describes, the content of this page will probably be much more random then that of my online journal however should have more interesting content than my web page.
Unless otherwise noted, material on this sight is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence
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