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Linux Kernel Upgrade (with skas3 patch)

Sun, 2008 Jan 13, 02:45:

So recently I installed a new SATA dvd burner in my workstation (as both previous optical drives died)

Unfortunately 2.6.18 (my previous kernel) did not support SATA optical drives, so it was time to upgrade. The only unfortunate part is I use UML to allow some tasks to be sandboxed, and to run these with any efficiency I require the skas3 patch. However the newest official patch is for 2.6.20.

However I did eventually seem to have find everything needed thus now both skas3-v8.2 and my SATA drive are both running on a kernel.

To help others out here is what I found/created:
My patch for skas3-v8.2 for linux
Please see the notes for more details.
Note as this is just a update to the original v8.2 patch this only supports 32bit x86 systems.
If you require AMD-64 support please see this thread for more information.


Fri, 2007 May 18, 20:34:
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Yay pocky,

However I did notice something odd on the packaging. Two Nutrition Facts labels. One the standard french/english hybrid. The other English only. (most packaging just uses the hybrid but I have seen double Nutrition Facts labels where one is entirely french, and the other entirely english)

But the real odd part isn't the double label, but that they are not identical!!! The English only version indicates 0g Trans Fatty Acid.. while the hybrid version indicates 0.1g

Unfortunately I don't think this means there is no trans fat due to my speaking english.

Sunflower Seeds?

Sat, 2007 May 12, 13:13:
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Just an odd little packaging error. My dad brought these along on a picnic and we noticed the label. (from summer 2006)

Python in OpenWRT

Fri, 2006 Dec 15, 22:26:

So I now have a python package for openwrt! The only problem with it: Storage space.

However if you have a USB flash card with ~20MB free it will work!

This means I'm playing with it on a ASUS WL-500g Premium, but not my own WRT54GS

from a ram perspective simple things seem to run in about 1MB, while help/pydoc use 5MB. I have yet to go much beyond that. However given this requirement I doubt it will run well on a WRT with < 32MB of ram


To make reinstallation and removal easier I did package the thing into an ipkg. however this one has some pre-installation steps

  • symlink /opt to a location on your external media eg. ln -s /path/to/usb/key /opt
  • install the ipkg to the root destination (default): ipkg install python24.ipk

to run you may use /usr/bin/python or /usr/bin/python2.4 both symlink to /opt/local/bin/python2.4 In addition you can find all the python libraries and modules in /opt/local/lib/python2.4


The ipkg described above can be found at here

This is a cross compile of python 2.4.4 from here: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.4.4/Python-2.4.4.tgz

No changes outside of modifying the auto-generated make file after configure to use my x86 python to help build the modules (rather than the mips python on an x86)

Also note the ipkg was manually constructed, so my apologies for not having a build script

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Tue, 2006 Dec 05, 13:01:

So on friday Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection was working fine, and this morning it uses 100% CPU w/o doing anything.

And the big thing I think I've done to my computer was to upgrade OSX to the lattest patch.

But I found the problem: corrupted config files!

Removing the following caused the application to work again (even if the server history list was lost)

The file (may or may not exist):
The directory
~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/RDC\ Client

No-Off Sliding Puzzle.

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:27:
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A silly java sliding puzzle. by Nob Yoshigahara mentioned in this BoingBoing entry.

Well I'm happy to say it did not take half the day to solve the thing. The puzzle probably only wasted an hour. My first success took more than 50 moves. However it showed the order I needed the pieces in allowing me to figured out how to finnish in 44 moves (as shown).

Does This Look Like Someone You Know?

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:26:
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This is serious! Dogs are being picked off one by one by a sniper roaming the U.S. Many dogs have been killed or hurt. Police in several areas have advised all dogs owners to watch their dogs.

Police in Philadelphia have issued a sketch of the alleged sniper. Report this character immediately if spotted by calling local law enforcement.

This came to me in an email (reformatted for this page), as for where the image originally came from I don't know, I did find it on many websites though. Also none of the sites had the above notice text attached to them.

One pages I found contains many funny cat photos.

Mac Sleazy

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:26:
So the other day, I was show this interesting sight called Mac Sleazy: X-rated Mac Erotica.

Some of my favorite parts are the Sandwich page, and the Love story. Over all a very silly idea though.

Best Viewed Without IE

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:26:
Best Viewed Without IE

And now I have a "Best Viewed without IE" icon. The reason for this is the very buggy support for CSS in IE5, and IE6. Almost all of the formating on this page requires on CSS. Anyone wanting to use the icon on there page is welcome to but please mirror the image on your server, and don't link to my copy.

For those looking at this page in IE: I have made sure that the CSS in this page breaks nicely. This means that you are seeing all the content, and most of the formating. Thus while would look better in Mozilla. The site is fully usable in IE.

There are two major flaws in IE, the menu is against the content box (this is not the case in other browsers) and the signature box at the bottom dose not re-center when displaying my email address.

NOTE: Since the posting of this entry, I've reworked some of my CSS so it works in IE.

rellink :: Blosxom Plugin

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
This is a plugin for Blosxom that generates absolute links for relative, and special short cuts

This allows for:
"//" + blog path
"/" + site path
+ relitive to blog entry
also makes '&' to '&amp;' and the ability for custom link types such as 'google' (built in).. this means:
will be a google search for Blosxom.

Current Code
version blog
File must be renamed to rellink
If you have any problems post a comment

This blog is now operational

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
At last I think I've brought this blog into an operational state this allows for images and links to be along side the files, for me to make relative links and to hide certain directories containing irrelevant content from the main blog view.

gallerythumbs :: Blosxom plugin

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:

This blosxom plugin is designed to add a thumbnail of an image related to a story to the beginning of an entry.

An Example

How to use the plugin

To use this plugin you just need an image in the same directory, with the same file name (sans the extension) as the story entry. The plugin will create a thumbnail, and display it prior to the story.

This means if you want to write an entry on foo.jpg, all you do is put it in your blog, and add a corresponding foo.txt with the title and any description you want to give the image.


To install the plugin, put it in the plugin directory, edit the maximum size (of the thumbnail) and file type variable at the top of the file. The file type is the type of file the thumbnails should be assuming your content is photos jpeg is probably the best file type. This value is also used as the Content type argument ie. image/<filetype>.

For every flavor that you want the thumbnail visible you need to have a thumbnail.flavor with information about how to display the thumbnail. An example flavor (and actually what I use on my photo gallery) is in the codes documentation, as well as in the link below.

This plugin requires the Image::Magick perl module (know as perlmagick)

Other Features

While this plugin generates the thumbnails on demand it saves them in the state directory for future viewers. The thumbnail is generated when someone loads a page with the attached story. Anytime after it it generated a request for storyname.tmb will return the image.

To make sure we don't have thumbnails to images that don't exist. When we need to generate a new thumbnail, we check that the original file for all existing thumbnails exists, if not we delete that file.

The code is designed so that when you change the settings, ether the thumbnail size, or filetype. it knows to invalidate (ie. delete) existing thumbnails, and regenerate them on demand.

If you change/edit and image in place on your blog, (ie. has the same file name) the thumbnail will not update.. my recommendation is to move the thumbnail and entry to filename+tmp, load it in your browser, then move it back.

This plugin will only work in dynamic generation, or hybrid mode. The blosxom code must be run to send back the thumbnail. However since this is done during the start function, sending the thumbnail should be relatively fast on even a large blog.

Current Code 
Version Blog
Sample Flavor

The sample flavor requires both the binary (or clone) and rellink plugins. The binary is used to send the original file with the Full size link. rellink allows the files to be locally defined (you can use blosxom variables to make the links work w/o rellink).

Also remember to name the flavor thumbnail.<flavor> (probably you will want to make two copies of this file, thumbnail.html and thumnail.rss, remember to make a copy for any comments/writeback flavor if needed.

The actual code will also need to be renamed from gallerythumbs-v*.**.code to just gallerythumbs.

If you have any problems please comment on this post.

gallerythumbs - v0.01

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:

First release of gallerythumbs. I think it works decently well. (makes posting entries based on an image very easy) Now my next step is to install it on this blog, as well as my photo blog. (however to do this I have re arrange my art section)



Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
This is a release of rssurl, this code should add a variable to link to the rss feed of the current blosxom page, I do not really support this plugin, just supply it in case others find it useful.


rellink - v0.03

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:

Fixed Support for multi-line tags (was not always matching)

If &'s are already escaped, with make sure its not re-escaped.

Gave a better URL for the google link example


rellink - v0.02

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
Fixed tad detection, for tags on multiple lines (problem found and fixed by lucky)

allows quotes in side url (allows for tags of the form: <a href='google:"Terrence Ezrol"'>)

rellink - v0.01

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
First public release of the rellink plugin.

devnull.name subdomains

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
I will be happy to give a subdomain of devnull.name to anyone that asks and ether (a) has a good enough reason (b) offers a large enough bribe, or (c) an acceptable combination of a and b. email me at terry@ezrol.com for more info

These are the current set of sub domains in use:
  • www - www.devnull.name and devnull.name point here


Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
Well now I have comments enabled on this blog!!!

I'm using the comments plugin. however to get it to do everything I wanted, including: not needing another flavor, ignoring html, and emailing me when someone posts a comment/trackback took a while, and plenty of modifications. I only hope the work was worth it.

And I have another domain

Tue, 2005 Jul 05, 11:19:
As nice as it is to have a domain with my actual name, I wanted a website on a more interesting domain.. As the title describes, the content of this page will probably be much more random then that of my online journal however should have more interesting content than my web page.
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